Anyone can experience emotional problems at some time in their life.  Relationship issues, work stress, job loss, illness, death of someone you love, bullying, fears of harm  – these are examples of situations that can prompt anxiety, depression, loneliness, or other painful feelings.  Sometimes talking with friends or family members can be comforting.  Other times it can be helpful to talk to a professional psychologist who can provide an objective and in-depth understanding of your particular situation and to help you learn adaptive ways of dealing with your troubling circumstance.


As a psychologist, I use both cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which explores how we think about ourselves and our life situation, and psychodynamic approaches, which focus on underlying conflicts, beliefs, and fears that are hidden from the conscious mind but nonetheless play a pivotal role in our daily functioning.  These approaches provide a deeper understanding of the contributors to our emotional world, which then opens us up to make more appropriate and adaptive changes in our life situation, our environment, and our beliefs about ourselves.  We work together to help you learn how to better access, express, and regulate your emotions appropriately and to uncover any maladaptive or restrictive self-beliefs that are blocking your emotional development.


I work with individual adolescents and adults, as well as with families and couples.  My East Bay offices are located in the Rockridge area of Oakland and in west Dublin near the 580-680 interchange.


Dr. Brunson offers Counseling, Therapy, and Psychotherapy in the Oakland and Dublin areas of the East Bay. She is a Psychologist and Therapist who is experienced in working with Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Transitions, Life Changes, Adoption, Grief, Fears, Bullying, Adult Therapy, Adolescent Therapy, Family Therapy, and Couples Therapy